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Ear Infections Options

Northridge chiropractor, Dr. John Termini has provided chiropractic care to children, including his own family since 1989. Ear infections are an issue where a child need not suffer. Please watch the video and read the article. Children are adjusted gently and with great care. Since they trust that we will take good care of them, we take good care of them. There are toys for the children to play with and stickers if they would like one. Children enjoy coming in for their adjustments and they get well.

(Adapted from an article by Dr Stuart Warner in the "Chiropractic Journal" December 2000.)

Parents often accept acute otitis media as a normal part of a young child's life. But although common, it's not "normal."

Clinical data shows that children may get ear infections as a result of improper drainage of the deep neck lymphatics. This causes fluid to build up, the ear drum to appear inflamed and bulging, and a welcome habitat for bacteria.

The preferred medical treatment is oral antibiotics, most commonly amoxicillin. Nearly all pediatric patients entering chiropractic offices have taken one or more prescriptions of antibiotics.

An important study to show parents whose children are taking antibiotics for ear infections is one published by the Journal of the American Medical Association. It concluded that children who took amoxicillin for chronic ear infections were two-to-six times more likely to have a recurrence of their ear problem than those who received a sugar pill. Lead author Erdem Cantekin Ph.D. (professor of otolaryngology) said, "children are being abused by the antibiotic treatment in this country."

Drug-resistant strains of childhood ear infections are increasing rapidly. Health officials say the trend is closely tied to doctors' misuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics, and patients' mistaken belief that antibiotics are a "magic bullet" for all that ails them.

Up to half of the 110 million antibiotic prescriptions written annually may be "inappropriate" for the illness being treated, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported. According to Alexander Tomasz, a Rockefeller University microbiology professor, "There's vast overuse of antibiotics." He states, "It's completely crazy" (4/94, New England Journal of Medicine).

Dr. Alfred Berg, co-chair of the federal panel of experts, said that in most cases the condition disappears within three-six months without medical treatment. Dr. Berg said antibiotics frequently used in the past, are of very limited value in treating the condition.

Berg also said that antibiotics can cause side effects and lead to the development of drug resistant bacteria that can cause a more serious disease. Antibiotics are not the preferred option in the early stages of the condition.

Dr. Michael Poole, a professor of otolaryngology and pediatrics at the University of Texas Medical branch in Houston, emphasized that most infants and young children with otitis media don't need antibiotics at all.

"Ongoing studies at the University of Pittsburgh suggest that only about one out of seven children with otitis media should receive a prescription for an antibiotic," he stated. "The disease usually gets well on its own."

It is also important to be aware of the numerous other causes of red ears besides bacteria manifestation. These include: teething, fever, viral infection (for which antibiotics serve no purpose), allergy, etc. Instead of a treatment whose objective is to kill the bacteria or virus, a more natural approach would be to restore nervous system function resulting in normal drainage of the ears and lymphatics.

So, you are probably wondering ow chiropractic might help an ear infection? Does the chiropractor pull on the child's earlobes to make the fluid drain? Does he/she have a secret potion they prescribe?

The chiropractic approach to ear infections is to adjust the children, reduce Vertebral Subluxation Complex and restore normal function to the spine and nervous system which may reduce or eliminate the tense neck musculature responsible for preventing the normal fluid drainage.

Once this interference is removed, the excess fluid in the ear drains, the appealing environment for bacteria and viruses to grow is removed, and the infection can heal. After normal drainage has been properly restored, the recurrence of ear infection is greatly reduced -- or nonexistent.

In a 1997 study "The role of chiropractic adjustment in the care & treatment of 332 children with Otitis Media (ear infection)", dramatic improvements under chiropractic care was demonstrated.

332 children presented for chiropractic care with previously diagnosed ear infection ranging in age from 27 days to 5 years old.

To assess the effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustments, tympanography was used. This technology enables the doctor to measure accurately the amount of fluid present in the middle ear due to the infection.

And the results? The number of days it took to normalise the tympanography readings were 8 days in acute cases & 10 days in chronic cases. The recurrence rate in acute cases was only 11% & in chronic cases 16%. Very impressive indeed!


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