Chiropractic Active Living Program in Northridge

Chiropractic Northridge CA Chiropractic Active Living Program

We focus on health by restoring proper body function. 3 types of daily stresses impact our health.

  • PHYSICAL (posture, movement)
  • MENTAL (thoughts, feelings)
  • BIOCHEMICAL (diet, drugs)

Nerves process all stress in our life. When overwhelmed, Northridge chiropractors know nerves go into a defensive protective state of Fight/Flight Response. Stress hormones (cortisol) are released. A breakdown of proper nerve function weakens our ability to handle further stress and a loss of health occurs.

Primary Care Plan: Restoration of Health and Vitality in Northridge

  1. Nerve scans that detect improper nerve function and monitor progress.
  2. Nerve first based adjustment techniques to restore proper nerve function.
  3. Vibratory percussion therapy for muscle and circulation improvement.
  4. Mechanical motion traction as a passive exercise to rehabilitate spinal joints.

Facilitative Care Plan: Speed Up Recovery and Support a More Active Life

  1. Flexibility exercises demonstrated/monitored in office for home program progress.
  2. Strengthening exercises demonstrated/monitored in office for home program progress.
  3. Postural/balance exercises demonstrated/monitored in office for home program progress.
  4. Dietary consultation and support.
  5. Replace bad destructive habits with good constructive habits for continued progress.

Wellness Plan: Client's Don't Need This Care-They Want This Care

  1. Supportive progress focus for those who want to take it to the next level in their life.
  2. It’s the plan after there is no pain and your movements are strong and flexible.
  3. Continued on getting the most in life-sharp mind and vibrant body.

We look forward to being a part of your health care team.

John M. Termini, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic


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