Questions About Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Is chiropractic safe for a pregnant mother and her unborn child?

Absolutely! Chiropractic pregnancy care may be the safest care you can receive while pregnant. Pregnancy chiropractor, Dr. John Termini has multiple approaches that can be used to provide a gentle, drug-free, chiropractic pregnancy approach that is especially beneficial during pregnancy. My wife received care during all three of her pregnancies with our daughters. It is important to go to a pregnancy chiropractor, because pregnancy chiropractic care is different from non-pregnancy care. Ask the right questions, provide safe diagnostic technologies and comfortable adjusting tables that designed to take the pressure off your body when comfortably lying face down. That's right-face down. In all trimesters of pregnancy. You are in safe hands with a chiropractor who provides pregnancy chiropractic care on a regular part of his practice.

Can I see other health care providers while receiving chiropractic care?

Yes, As a pregnancy chiropractor, our pregnant mothers are encouraged to see other health care providers while receiving pregnancy chiropractic care.
How late in pregnancy is it possible to receive a chiropractic adjustment?

Anytime. My wife and patients have received care all the through their pregnancies. When relaxed and released from tension you are more likely to have a comfortable pregnancy and labor. Labor time can also be shorter. To have the best experience during pregnancy it is best to go to an experienced pregnancy chiropractor.
Can spinal nerve care help with postpartum depression?

Because I am a pregnancy chiropractor, I have been trained to provide a special program for mothers with postpartum depression and it involves NO drugs. Your mind and body becomes depleted and this chemical stress can create spinal nerve tension. We help these mothers restore their depleted nutrient supply and re-leash spinal nerve tension. According to one journal, "Postpartum depression is a rarity in patients receiving...manipulative therapy."
Do I have to have a problem in pregnancy to see a chiropractor?

No! The purpose of care is to restore and optimize wellness. Sometimes care may start when there are complaints, however, the goal in pregnancy is for each mother and her developing child to THRIVE.
Why is adapting to life stresses during pregnancy so important?

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Phd. Has researched human genetics for years. He says that we learn to adapt to stress while in the womb. If our mother lived in a distressful state while we were in her womb it had a affect on our development. As we experienced her distress we adapted to it. In survival mode our intelligence was under developed in order to better equip us to survive this hostile environment we would be entering. On the other hand, in a THRIVING mode our intelligence would be fully developed so that we could make to most in this safe and secure environment. Regardless where a woman is in her life, it is never too late to restore a thriving life.


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