Struggling with Vertigo in Northridge?

Eur Spine J 1998; 7 (1): 55-58 by Galm R, Rittmeister M, Schmitt E.

Concluded that "functional examination of motion segments of the upper cervical is important in diagnosing and treating vertigo, because an unresolved dysfunction of the upper cervical spine was a common cause of long-standing dizziness in our population."
Vertigo dizziness causes many to suffer every year and if you are reading this it might be you. Northridge chiropractor Dr. John Termini will perform and exam of your upper cervical spine. If dysfunction does exist in your upper motion segments, we may be able to help you with your vertigo related dizziness.

Many in our office over the years have been helped resolve their vertigo dizziness. Drugs have bad side effects that sometimes can make someone feel worse.

Vertigo dizziness chiropractic care in Northridge,Ca. by Dr. John Termini. It's worth it to call. Nobody likes vertigo. See if you may be helped.

Go see a medical doctor to rule out serious causes. However, if there is no serious cause and all they have to treat you is drugs that might help over weeks. Then, call our office to check for upper cervical spine dysfunction.

Northridge chiropractor Dr. John Termini may be able to help.


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